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Laura Cushman for Salt Lake City Council District 3

Laura Cushman for City Council

About Laura

Laura Cushman

I've been working in community engagement in various capacities for the last fifteen years.  I'm passionate about empowering people to make their neighborhoods better.  From working with disadvantaged youth, to helping families as they recovered from addiction, to my current job in Wellness Engagement at the Jewish Community Center, I've made a career of helping others be active participants in their communities.

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Working for District 3

I believe that we strengthen our communities by empowering our citizens.  

I want to focus on the people and families that make up our district, and how we can make our neighborhoods better and safer for everyone.  

  • Infrastructure improvements that assist with traffic safety, traffic law adherence and increased bus-, walk- and bike- ability is where this begins.
  • We need to further distinguish ourselves as a green community,  focusing on clean air and decreasing waste, so like the many historical buildings in our district, our community will thrive and be around for future generations to enjoy.
  • Open and updated green spaces that promote communal gathering and recreation for all our populations, including furry 4-legged friends, are vital to our well-being and help us connect with neighbors. Let's make our parks accessible for everyone.
  • Neighborhood policing needs to begin with neighborhood outreach and citywide collaboration that addresses the precursors of crime and homelessness, including mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Economic development that includes affordable housing, support of local businesses and fiscal accountability.