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Laura knocking on doors



Residents of District 3 care deeply about our infrastructure. We all have an intersection, crosswalk, or street segment that concerns us. As your City Councilperson, I would advocate for improvements across the district that will help us to stay safe whether we are driving, biking or walking. By investing in infrastructure we save ourselves money in the long run. If we can make improvements that make citizens feel safer in their decision to walk or ride their bikes places, then we have just given them more options than driving. By showing a commitment to active transportation we improve both the health of our economies and our residents by improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Green Communities & Sustainability

Distinguishing ourselves as a green community requires a continued focus on clean air. We need connective infrastructure to fill the gaps between bus/train lines and pedestrian and/or bicycle routes. Integrating clean energy sources within these expansion projects and exploring electric-powered buses will be important as well. I would also like to see companies, large and small, rewarding their employees for committing to alternative modes of transport. Other companies across the country have seen great success with these models that positively impacted the environment AND the health of their workforce.

I am also a strong proponent of the Climate Positive 2040 plan. I will work tirelessly to implement initiatives that support the transition to renewable energies and be vocal about the positive impact it can have on our city, aside from reduced pollution. It is not a quick process, but we need to embrace the opportunity for economic growth it can create along the way. It will create jobs and also allow citizens to be more active in the process of energy development.

Affordable Housing

We have the benefit of living minutes from downtown, the University of Utah, and the Wasatch Mountains. The desirability of our neighborhoods and a growing population have led to a lack of affordable housing options. As a city, we can take a number of steps to make sure that we are able to house diverse socio-economic populations. Continuing to support investment in and incentives for affordable housing development is key. We can pursue similar programs such as the Community Land Trust recently approved by the City Council and examine programs in other cities that have been successful in offering cooperative housing options. Increasing affordable housing will require collaboration and cooperation between the city, developers and residents.

Parks & Open Spaces

I feel strongly that parks and green spaces are vital to the wellbeing of all individuals, especially those who live in urban settings.  They provide community gathering space fostering neighborhood connections.  Parks and green spaces are where our kids play baseball and make friends at the playground.  They are places where we as adults can exercise and make friends as well.  I want to see our parks organized and updated so that they are accessible to all types of people of all ages and abilities.  It is important that parks are welcoming and maintained in a manner that reflects our commitment to sustainability. 

Neighborhood Safety

One of the best things we can do to improve the safety of our neighborhoods is to create community outreach programs to educate residents about practices that are more likely to deter personal property crime. Encouraging neighborhood policing programs, connections between neighbors, and collaboration with the police can go a long way in reducing instances of petty crime throughout the District. Our neighborhood community councils do a great job of communicating with our district police representative. We can increase that collaboration by involving representatives from different areas of the District.


Homelessness is on the minds of many residents.  The causes and types of homelessness are complex and require a committment to providing short term and long term solutions.  As discussions move away from the number of beds we are providing to the type of services we are providing, I think it is important to have a person with a background in providing support services at the table.  With years of experience in this area, I believe I can be that voice and will be an advocate for both residents and the homeless.